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Top Tips For Kid’s Foundations + Drainage Support

Top Tips For Kid’s Foundations + Drainage Support

“A day in the life of a holistic health practitioner's daughter..."

7:30am: Wake up!! We go from 0 -> 100 the second we wake up. The first thing we do is fuel up and hydrate before playing. An organic, nutrient dense diet can help to get all of the essential amino acids, enzymes, fatty acids, minerals, and vitamins needed for growth, development, and so many bodily functions! We try to get protein in at every meal, and for breakfast the easiest way for us to do that is eggs or oatmeal with some Equip chocolate protein powder and collagen. We are also very big on fruit right now, so we include that as well. 

Protein ideas: Eggs, beef, chicken, pork, fish, beans, nuts

Fat ideas: avocado, butter, coconut oil, nut butter, chia seed pudding

Carbohydrate ideas: fruit, sweet potato, beans, vegetables

Hydration at the cellular level is critical for the brain, circulatory system, and digestion. Hydration also provides the energy and fluid needed to help the body to detox. We like plain filtered water and cycle through some minerals (Quinton Isotonic, BodyBio liquid minerals, fruits, herbal tea, broths and soups) for extra replenishment and hydration.  

My goal is always to get as many nutrients in as possible from diet, but here are my top supplements to fill some gaps & a tip for incorporating the supplement! We also love to use bio-resonance scans at Crowell + Co to see where we can be even more intentional with our diet. 

Supplements I consider adding in: (we recommend consulting your child's practitioner prior to incorporating)

  • Desiccated liver in ketchup (nature’s multivitamin as we say at Crowell + Co)
  • Cod liver oil in grape juice (super high in omega fatty acids)
  • Quinton isotonic or BodyBio liquid minerals in water or juice (essential for optimal hydration)
  • Digestive enzymes in juice (helps lower stomach acid for better digestion)
  • Core Formulas Gut Makeover in water (gut + immune system support & it’s tasteless!)

8:00am: Time to play! Moving daily is essential for kids. Walking, dancing, jumping, playing outside, and getting time out in the sun are all things we do daily. One of our favorites is putting on some music in the kitchen and dancing together! 

3:00pm: Family + community time. And speaking of dancing together – time spent with family and in your community feeds your mind. We love to get to the playground and chat with the other families there. This one is harder for us since we don’t live near our families, but we have gotten out there to meet other families in our neighborhood and through local events (thankful for @themotherhoodcollective for connecting me with like minded mamas!). 

Laughter is great for the mind and body and has even been shown to tone the vagus nerve. My daughter is super silly and constantly trying to make us laugh. It’s been shown in the research that even hearing laughter can move the body into a more relaxed state! 

6:00pm: Clean up! Messes happen often in our household, and our daughter loves to be helpful, so we choose the safest products we can find. I’ve been using Branch Basics cleaning products for four years now and love how simple and effective it is. 

We also research products to find the best alternatives out there for materials like chalk, play-doh, paints, etc to ensure what she is frequently in contact with is not building up over time (mini disclaimer – we are not perfect and aren’t striving for that! We do the best we can here and do not live in fear. If we can’t find an alternative, or don’t have it easily accessible, or just don’t want to do the research that day we don’t & we move right along!) 

6:30pm: Bath time & drainage habit stacking! We wind down every night with a bath, and it’s my easiest place to add in extra support for her drainage pathways. Just like the book “Atomic Habits” shares, small habits make a big difference and focusing on the system instead of the goal leads to better results. My favorite way to habit stack to support drainage in toddlers fits right in with our bath time routine (the system!). It takes about 2 more minutes to add this in, which is very minimal, and in my opinion these small additions make a big difference. Here is exactly what we do:

  1. Stimulate major lymph nodes and dry brush (do this as the bath is filling)
  2. Add 0.5-1 cup of magnesium salts to bath 
  3. Add dime size amount of castor oil directly onto liver (wash this off last)
  4. If I feel a virus is coming on, I’ll add lymphatic cream to the lymph nodes as well
  5. Enjoy the bath! 
  6. Bonus: I put my feet into the bath too to be even more engaged and to absorb a bit of the magnesium as well

Stimulating the lymph nodes first allows for that drainage pathway to start to open up, which allows for lymphatic fluid to move more freely. The dry brushing then assists in that lymphatic drainage. Magnesium bath salts are easily absorbed into the body through the skin. Read more about magnesium benefits here and here

Castor oil has been used for thousands of years around the world for its healing properties. It has been said to support liver detoxification, improve lymphatic circulation, and reduce inflammation. It also doesn’t have any reported negative side effects! Many people are said to immediately notice better sleep, more energy, and a lessening of skin problems after using. All major wins for kids ☺

Lastly, the bath itself works to move the lymphatic fluid. The pressure of the water on the skin is the perfect amount that naturally moves the lymph in a way very similar to a lymphatic massage. 

7:30pm: Time for bed! Sleep is essential for clearing the waste out of the brain and spinal cord via the Glymphatic system. We recommend 13-15 hours/night+nap for toddlers, which decreases slightly over time. The Glymphatic system functions mainly DURING SLEEP!!! 

There is some research supporting that the glymphatic system is also essential in the distribution of electrolytes and macromolecules that enter the brain. **Electrolytes are critical for brain health as they conduct nerve signals and regulate the fluid balance in the brain!! 

Studies also show that glymphatic function is suppressed when the body is in a diseased state. Without optimal glymphatic function, there is an increased risk of neurodegenerative disorders, traumatic brain injury, and stroke. 

The glymphatic system was discovered in 2013, very recently, so more studies are needed to determine a more comprehensive look at the effects of in-optimal waste clearance of the central nervous system.

What foundational element does your kid like the most?? Share with us on our social platforms!


We work with families (adults + children) to get to the root cause of complex, chronic health issues and support your family in optimizing your health. If you’re interested in working with Crowell + Co, you can sign up for our client waitlist here: 

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References & further learning
What is Magnesium & how does it function in the body:

Disclaimer: ©2023 Jetta Garrity LLC. All rights reserved. This document is for educational and informational purposes only and solely as a self-help tool for your own use. I am not providing medical, psychological, or nutrition therapy advice. You should not use this information to diagnose or treat any health problems or illnesses without consulting your own medical practitioner. Always seek the advice of your own medical practitioner and/or mental health provide about your specific health situation.
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Top Tips For Kid’s Foundations + Drainage Support

Top Tips For Kid’s Foundations + Drainage Support

“A day in the life of a holistic health practitioner's daughter..."   7:30am: Wake up!! We go from 0 -> 100 the second we wake up....

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