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Your Constipation Issues Could Be A Result Of These Common Problems...

Your Constipation Issues Could Be A Result Of These Common Problems...

Learn How I Helped My Client Overcome 10+ Years of Chronic Constipation in Just One Month

We’ve all been there - bloated so much we can’t button our jeans, stuck in bed with painful cramping, being backed up for days, finally getting the urge to go but then not everything seems to come out.

You go to your local gastroenterologist and he tells you to drink more fluids, supplement with fiber, and take an over-the-counter laxative1. You try it all, for weeks, but to no avail.

You move on to more natural solutions - senna tea, warm lemon water, probiotics, yoga, magnesium, abdominal massages - but nothing helps. For some, this goes on for days, but for others, this is everyday life.

Chronic constipation affects 15% of the world’s population and accounts for at least 8 million visits to the doctor per year in the US alone2-3. It’s one of the most common gastrointestinal diagnoses but yet doctors have yet to find a “cure,” resulting to long-term medication or even surgery1,3. Both solutions have their risks, but the side effects of constipation on the rest of your body can be even worse. So, what do you do?

My job as an Integrative Health Practitioner is to find the root cause of chronic health conditions - the underlying reasons my clients are experiencing symptoms like constipation. You see, constipation is a symptom, and there is always a root cause to every symptom. One of the most common root causes of chronic constipation I see in my practice is parasitic infections.

In this post, I’ll explain the importance of healthy bowel movements, how parasites come into play with constipation and other GI issues, how to naturally address parasites in your body, and even walk you through how I helped a client overcome 10+ years of chronic constipation in just one month by parasite cleansing.

The Importance of Healthy Bowel Movements on Toxin Removal

Most people have become so accustomed to their infrequent bowel movements, they don’t even know they are chronically constipated. Chronic constipation can be defined as fewer than 3 bowel movements per week with stool that is mostly hard or lumpy and difficult to pass, for 6+ months4. Even if you were having 3 bowel movements per week with perfectly soft stool, that still isn’t ideal - personally, I want my clients to have 2 complete evacuations per day. Before you call me crazy, hear me out…

While stool is mainly composed of water, bacteria, and undigested food residues, it can also contain things that are imperative to get rid of - waste, toxins, and excess hormones5. A build-up of these toxins and by-products can lead to the recirculation of toxins in our blood, the development of leaky gut or diverticulitis, additional growth of parasites, bacteria, and fungus, or unpleasant symptoms such as nausea, bloating, or vomiting.

The colon isn’t the only way we rid our bodies of toxins, too. Specific ducts, organs, bodily systems, and even our cells make up an internal drainage system to clear out toxins, pathogens, and waste products in order to keep our internal environment healthy.

This drainage system, as illustrated in the image below, functions like a funnel, with the colon being at the very bottom. If your colon is backed up, everything above it on the drainage funnel will be backed up too, resulting in less than optimal organ function and symptoms such as fatigue, migraines, skin conditions, allergies, impaired digestion, and more. The better this drainage system is working, the better chances you have of being healthy overall.

The Body's Draining System

How Parasites Contribute to Constipation

I know what you’re thinking when I say “parasite” - a long squiggly worm that couldn’t possibly be inside you. The reality is, parasites enter your body as a microscopic egg from insect bites, pets, contaminated water, soil, or food and grow into adult worms, with some species growing more than a foot long6. They can migrate through your entire body - intestines, organs, tissues, bloodstream, or lymphatic system - and reproduce 200,000 eggs a day6. If your internal defense systems are compromised in any way, parasites can thrive inside your body for years6.

How does this impact your gut, then? Well, parasites have the ability to alter the intestinal microbiome causing a whole host of problems: IBS, inflammation, malnutrition, food allergies and sensitivities, and even modify your immune response7-8. The overall stress, lack of nutrients, and physical blockages that parasites have the ability to cause directly impact gastrointestinal motility, frequency, and overall function9. When you're experiencing bowel dysfunction like this, that’s when you become constipated and clog up that internal drainage system. Parasites may be small creatures, but their impact is enormous.

Parasite Cleansing to Ditch Constipation for Good

With parasites being one of the most invasive and dangerous pathogens in our bodies, it's crucial to get them out ASAP before they wreak any more havoc. We can do this safely and effectively through a parasite cleanse using natural botanical and herbal supplementation. One of the most important steps to successfully completing a parasite cleanse, however, is how we prepare for the cleanse. Remember that drainage funnel? We want to ensure all organs and systems are fully functioning and continuously supported in order to transport the parasites and their subsequent toxins out of our bodies. We can do this through a combination of physical movement like walks or rebounding, proper hydration and a healthy diet, and drainage support supplementation like Core Formulas Drainage Essentials and Bowel Complete.

Once our internal drainage system is running smoothly, only then can we begin bringing in anti-parasitic herbs, botanicals, and foods. Some of the most effective anti-parasitics include wormwood, black walnut hulls, clove, mimosa pudica seed, pumpkin and fennel seeds, oregano, and garlic10-17. There are many products available that combine these ingredients into high-grade, bioavailable concentrations to effectively detox both the egg and adult stages of various internal parasites. Some of my favorite brands include Microbe Formulas, Cellcore Biosciences, Byron White, Supreme Nutrition, and Barlow Herbal.

How I Helped My Client Overcome 10+ Years of Chronic Constipation in just One Month

Beth* came to me with severe constipation, abdominal pain, migraines, nausea, and vomiting - things she suffered with for over 10 years. She had tried everything to deal with these symptoms including laxatives, medications, fibrous foods, and herbal supplementation, but the only thing that seemed to cease the vomiting and induce a bowel movement was an enema, which she had to do daily. These issues were causing extreme mental health issues and were prohibiting her from eating, working, and spending time with family and friends. She came to me just wanting to be able to eat a healthy meal, hold a steady job, and celebrate her family’s milestones, things that most of us do without thinking twice.

"If I don't have a bowel movement and end up extremely blocked up, I will have an extreme migraine and start vomiting non-stop. The only way to have a bowel movement and stop the vomiting is for me to do an enema." - Beth

After analyzing her symptoms and doing a complete muscle testing evaluation, I suspected parasites were to blame for the majority of her issues. In fact, due to the severity of her situation, I had suspected the parasites were physically clogging up her bile ducts, inhibiting proper bile flow and peristaltic movement.

I recommended she begin supporting her drainage pathways with supplementation and engage in stress reducing activities like meditation and breathwork. Since the parasites were physically stopping her from having a bowel movement, we also brought in antiparasitic supplements early on in her protocol.

Within two weeks, Beth was having daily bowel movements (sometimes even two a day!) without the use of an enema. She was physically seeing the dead parasites in her stool that were making her sick for most of her adult life.

Within one month, she was maintaining daily bowel movements, experiencing improved sleep, mood, and appetite, had less headaches and brain fog, and hadn’t vomited once. Beth continues to heal her chronic constipation and get stronger each and every day.

"I have been having bowel movements, which is great! Sometimes even two a day! I am more clear headed, have less nausea, feel well-rested, have an appetite, and experience less headaches when I wake up, and my sleep has improved. I've been less crabby because I feel less blocked up in the gut." - Beth


Despite what many may think, there is a root cause to chronic constipation that can be identified and addressed. Parasites may be small but they are mighty and they greatly impact our health and bowel function. The power of healing is within us all given the right support, guidance, and tools. If you want to know if parasites are causing your chronic constipation or other health conditions and safely cleanse them from your body, contact me today to get started.

*Name changed for confidentiality

Disclaimer: The information presented in this article is intended for educational and informational purposes only. This is not medical advice. No information in this article should be used to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any disease or condition under any circumstances. I am not a doctor and should not be construed as one. Always consult with a qualified medical professional before taking any new dietary supplements.


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